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How to choose a crappie reel
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How to Choose the Right Crappie Fishing Reel - Details Here!
Selecting the right crappie fishing reel to match your crappie rod is important to have a well balanced crappie fishing rig. There are three types of reels you can select from and all of them work in different situations. The three types you can choose from are the bait casting reel, the spinning reel, and the spin cast reel. Of the three crappie fishing reels the bait caster is the one you most likely will never use when you are crappie fishing because they are not suitable to fish with light test line and small crappie jigs. Bait casters are only used in very special situations as crappie rigs.
The most popular crappie reel is the spin cast reel because it is simple to use, but the spinning reel holds a very close second in popularity. The spin cast reel has a simple push button when you cast that releases the line. Spin cast reels are a good choice for beginning crappie fisherman as a crappie fishing rig selection because they are a great reel when you are first learning to cast. But there are many veterans who prefer them over spinning reel because of the soft delivery that's needed when fishing crappie live baits.
Spinning reels which are commonly referred to open faced reels, also make a good choice for any crappie rigs. Spinning reels are excellent choice for crappie fishing because you use very light test line to fish 1/64oz crappie jigs very easy. However spinning or open face reels are not like the spin cast reel that operates with a push button. Spin cast reels operate by opening or closing what is called a bail. When the bail is released you hold the line so it doesn't curl off the spool and then cast. Once you cast the bail will close when you turn the handle. Casting spinning reels takes a bit more practice, but is still a good choice for a crappie fishing rig.
Here's a few crappie rig tips that may help you.
Tip#1 If you are using a spin cast reel and just can't get your cast far enough to where the crappie are located, switch to a spinning ultralight reel. These reels release line quickly and farther.
Tip#2 Always get the drag on your reel by pulling the line from the rod tip. For example get your self a large lure with multiple treble hooks and cast it out onto the grass in your back yard make it hook into the grass then reel tight and set your drag.
Well folks that concludes our article about crappie fishing rigs and reels. May you have the best of luck on your next fishing trip!
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