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Crappie Fishing Tips
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Crappie Fishing
How to catch crappies

How to catch crappies

How to Catch Crappie -Amazing Crappie Fishing Steps Tell All!
#1 Crappie fishing tips Nature's Automatic "crappie finder"
Have you ever notice that nature and it's critters are pretty dog-gone smart? think about it. We always do our research before we go fishing for crappie by reading up on the latest crappie fishing techniques on how to catch crappie. We surf the internet for better crappie fishing tips,we visit tackle shops to find the latest crappie fishing jigs and lures, and we talk to our fishing buddies.
I haven't even got to the part about spending money on fishing poles, tackle, gas, and food ( the human variety). Once we get where we're going , we spend half an hour looking unloading and talking about how to catch crappie and how many fish we are going to catch.
Meanwhile, a heron or crane just files , in catches a few and flies out,,, no fishing guides, maps or buddies to talk to. Here's where it gets interesting. What do you the think that bird is eating?
Well it's minnows! They are feeding on crappie minnows and 10 to 1 there's a school of crappie feeding there too. If we have any sense we will use the birds as a valuable resource when we go fishing for crappie . We need to store this information away. Watch the birds and where they are landing, birds can be the cheapest and most reliable fish finder you will ever use.
More simple crappie fishing tips
#2 Find underwater crappie structure , bait up, and drop your line right on the edges of the crappie structure.
#3 If you are fishing from a boat and you are going to be fishing for crappie locate your structure and anchor over the top. Take you fishing rod and drop your crappie bait so it falls to the bottom very near the edge of the structure. Make sure you don't drop your bait in the interior of the structure. Fishing inside, or in the middle of a fallen tree wont be effective, you need to try the edges. This is one crappie fishing tip that you need to be serious about when you are learning how to catch crappie.
#4 Drop your bait down until it hits the bottom.
#5 Rotate your real handle and approximate coming up off the bottom one foot.
#6 If you don't get any bites, rotate your real handle again to come up one more foot.
#7 Keep repeating this process until you start getting bites.
#8 As soon as you start getting bites, make a mental note, or write down how far you reeled off the bottom and continue to fish that depth. Fish the entire structure edges at that depth.
#9 Crappie fishing tips " The Crappie Drive Thru"
#9a Pick up a dead animal (road kill). Make sure it is fresh and not rotted.
#9b Put the carcass in some loose netting so the meat is exposed, then hang it on a Branch o the water. Make sure you have caught crappie in the area you hang the carcass.
#9c When the carcass starts to decaying maggots will fall into the water and drive the crappie into a feeding frenzy.
#9d If you are like me. and a little squeamish about collecting "road kill".. Take some netting, fill it with cheap meat you buy from the store, and tie in your overhang.
You will be amazed how this really works! you can catch crappie at this spot for a month or more.
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