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Kayaking Secrets
Kayak fishing knowledge

Kayak fishing knowledge

New to Kayaking? Here's How You Can Get on a Fast Track to Increase Your Knowledge, Safety and Paddling Skill. Getting Started Kayaking Couldn't be Easier!
Are you a novice paddler? Three years ago I couldn’t tell a creeker from a rodeo boat. It’s tough being a whitewater kayaking newbie—take advantage of my quest for mastery (and save yourself some painful and dangerous dunkings!)….
In Kayaking Basics and Beyond, you'll learn:
       How to find the best kayak for you, and how to buy a kayak at a price you can afford (pages 11-13)
      Everything you need to know about used kayaks, kayak gear and accessories (pages 16-22)
      How to paddle a kayak, including the best strokes for pushing through rapids and dodging gnarly rocks (pages 26-38)
      Rolling your kayak-—step-by-step guidance (pages 39-41)
      Kayaking safety—hand and arm signals, common river hazards (pages 43-45)
      The art of reading and understanding whitewater (pages 49-54)
      River running techniques (pages 52-53)
      River safety and common river hazards (page 45-50)
      Tips from the pros, and more
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