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How to catch big bluegills

How to catch big bluegills

Big Bluegills - The Secret To Catching Only The Biggest Bluegills
If your bait is constantly being harassed by small bluegill, and you are going to go poor and hungry losing a worm every 5 seconds, you may want to try trolling for bluegill. Just drop down the trolling motor, let out 30 ,40, or 50 yards of line, and troll the edge of a flat and a deep water break. Big bluegill love to hover right over areas where shallow flats drop off into deeper water. They hold very tight to this type of structure and won't venture too far into deeper water for fear of getting attacked.
The best lures for slow trolling for monster bluegills are micro crank baits. You may have seen these lures in stores before; they are tiny little crank baits that look like crickets, hellgrammites, flies, and other odd creations. Trolling these lures with ultra light line will get them right in the strike zone for monstrous bluegills. By using a bigger lure you will keep the smaller fish away. And don't worry if the lure looks too big for a blue gill to swallow. They will attack it regardless of this fact, because they don't know it is made of plastic, they think they will be able to break it up into smaller pieces.
In addition to using micro crankbaits you can also use tiny inline spinners. The flash gets bluegill interested and chasing. Some of these spinners are much more affordable than the crankbaits, but trolling inline spinners doesn't work very well, as they tend to lift out of the strike zone if you go too fast.
Where to Find Big Bluegills!
l need to locate the target area before even thinking of catching one of them. If you are wandering around with little idea of their possible location, you may end up with no big bluegills all your life.
The secret locations of bluegills are not very difficult to find. Big bluegills can be found in a large public lake or a farm pond dedicated to fishing. They are found in waters with high nutrient ratio. These large sized fish also need a good predator-hunt ratio in order to survive. Country side ponds in United States are good locations to start with. However, you will need prior permission because all of these ponds are in private land. You cannot just go and start exercising your fishing talent there. You will have to be polite to the owners if you want to convince them to allow you to catch fish in their waters. It is not going to hurt you if you offer your catch to them. Produce your name, contact details etc to win their trust. It is extremely important to win their trust to realize your dream of fishing bluegills.
They have had painful experiences with visitors impersonating as hobbyists who damaged their land and property. Some of the owners do not fish and they may simply turn down your request. Be prepared to hear a bang on the door. Just move on to the next owner and by chance you can find an owner who himself wants to reduce bluegills' number in the pond. Fishing big bluegills is simply outstanding. It's not so easy to catch the schooling fish like big bluegills. First successful step to find big bluegills is to find the right waters.

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